How To Draw Princess Leia from Star Wars

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Okay, this is the first tutorial that I will give somewhat different steps. I received a request from me to explain the steps in a simpler method for lessons that are more complicated. Start by drawing an outline of the head of Leia as well as another one to represent her popular side-bun. After that, you’ll add guidelines on her face, and then draw the outline of her body. Then, you’ll finish this initial step by drawing out the outline of her hands, arms and skirt.

Step 2
Following the guidelines you sketched at the beginning of step 1, draw the outline of Princess Leia’s face. Start sketching out the eyes, side bun and nose. As you can see, this step will be simpler to follow because the directions show how to design everything.

Step 3
Start sketching her hairstyle from the highest point of her hair and then outline her beautiful eyes as well as her eyebrows, nose and mouth. I love the way her beautiful face is reflected in her hair.

Step 4
Then, you’ll finish drawing the Princess Leia’s hair before you begin outlining her shoulders, neck, the upper back arch, and finally sketch her hands, forearms as well as a pistol for sports. You’ll then sketch her loose sleeves. Before leaving this stage, you’ll need to draw out the pistol’s details, then add details in her clothing hair and hands.

Step 5
This tutorial is about to become easier. After you sketch Leia’s sleeves. Then, sketch out the remainder of her back. After that, you can pull her belt, and allow her top to be a little longer than the waist. After that, you’ll have to put some ruching on the skirt, and the waist will be accentuated like you can see in this picture.

Step 6
It’s almost over by the Star Wars drawing. The only thing you need to do is sketch out her lengthy, loose dress. Include some turns and twists to add more definition and detail, then proceed towards the following step.

Step 7
In this step, draw the feet of Princess Leia, and observe how one foot is arched as if it were high heels. Once you’ve completed the feet, begin erasing the shapes and guides that you created in the first step.

Step 8
Here is a complete sketch from this tutorial that showed students how you draw princess Leia step-by-step “. Color her in and create Leia look gorgeous. I hope that you liked this class. Make sure to return!

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