Hello! Today, we’ll show how to draw the drawing technique of the princess Celestia of My Little Pony, the main character from the animated show my tiny pony. Celestia is among the most loved heroines from shows around the world. She is a dependable and wise ruler, as well as an incredibly loyal mentor and friend to Twilight Sparkle, the pony. Twilight Sparkle. Let’s begin our drawing class dedicated to Princess Celestia!

Step 1
All of our lessons on our website are free of intricate drawing lessons with pencils beginning with a few simple steps. Today’s lesson is not an exception. We begin drawing our princess Celestia using two simple pieces that will end up being the head and the torso.

The top figure is round and somewhat similar to an inverted drop. the bottom figure is shaped like beans in a well or a Minion from the animated series “Despicable me,” which is situated in the horizontal position.

Step 2
Connect the two figures which were drawn in the final step, by using two nearly similar lines (the one that is closer to the tail is almost straight, and the one that is closest to the face is a gentle curve).

Step 3
Sketch the legs and knees of Princess Celestia. The legs appear like elongated, slightly curly circular cylinders. The leg that is rectified is one simple shape, and the bent legs are made up of two basic designs.

Step 4
Make a mark on the face of princess Celestia. Draw on it three curving lines that are evenly separated from one another. These lines can help us draw facial characteristics.

Step 5
Following the directions in the previous step, draw the contour lines for the eyes as well as the protruding mouth of Princess Celestia.

Step 6
Draw the diadem and the ear. Draw the curvature on the head of Celestia The lower portion of her hair curled behind her ears in the vicinity that is the nape. The top portion of the hair grows upwards over the diadem and the hair horn. At the same time, draw the eye and also the pupil within the eye.

Step 7
In this stage of the drawing instruction on how to draw princess Celestia and her mane, we sketch the shape of the pony’s mane – a size that is nearly superior to any other body from the ponies. The mane should follow the hairline drawn in the earlier step, which strayed the diadem as well as the horn.

Step 8
Eliminate the Princess’s face Celestia’s additional guidelines, and draw a circle around her features and horn and diadem. We draw the mouth and nose with just two quick strokes.

Step 9
With long lines and curving lines, sketch the specifics of the hair. Don’t forget the most important point – the gorgeous hairstyle of Celestia and any hairstyle should be drawn in a direction of the hair’s roots towards the ends.

Step 10
We draw the lines of the breast embellishments of Princess Celestia. Draw the leg contours so they appear more round. In the same way, trace the outline of your hair that is situated at the side of the neck.

Step 11
Eliminate from the torso as well as the legs additional guidelines, and trace the contours of the body to obtain the same result as shown in the example.

Step 12
Find the curving lines of wings as well as the outline of feathers with large outlines. Be aware that the outline of feathers shrinks in size as they approach the body. The feather outlines are drawn as we have drawn the hair from the lower to the highest ends.

Step 13
The feathers are outlined in circles to give a complete look at the wings of Princess Celestia. Paint the pupils over with glares, just as in our illustration.

Step 14
Smooth, wavy lines create the outline that is the extension of the tail of beautiful Princess Celestia.

Step 15
Create patterns on the diadem the chest of Celestia and on the lower portions of her legs as well as on her thighs. The lines are drawn on the tail and the lines drawn in the previous step. They should be straight and smooth.

Step 16
We are now in the last step of the drawing tutorial. drawing princess Celestia. Make a vertical line along the princess’s horn. Celestia. Be aware of the way in which their arrangement rises toward the edge.

The lesson was drawing in the style of the animated series My Little Pony, and today we’ll show that you can draw the princess Celestia. Goodbye, friends!

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