Dear fans of My Little Pony. Today, we are presenting an exciting drawing lesson where we’ll teach you the art of drawing the princess Cadence.

Step 1
We draw the pony with a standard circle. In reality, most drawing lessons on the inhabitants of Equestria begin in the same manner. Draw a small line at the bottom of the circle. This can help us sketch the eye of Princess Cadence.

Step 2
Excellent. Draw your body’s contours (a figure like slightly flattened potatoes) as well as the neck (a couple of lines connecting the head and the torso).

Step 3
We outline the legs. the front legs are drawn by using straight lines. Take note that they do not have curves. The back legs are split into two parts. an incline is located in the middle of these two parts.

Step 4
We continue with our drawing lessons on drawing the Princess Cadence. In this step, we draw the nose and eyes of our ponies.

Step 5
Draw the mane of the bang. In order to draw the mane you need to use smooth and curly lines. Utilizing similar smooth, curly lines, draw the tail. At the end of this process, we draw the ear and horn.

Step 6
Cadence is actually a princess. So, we’ll draw her crown. In the same manner, you draw pupils within the eyes of the princess. Don’t forget to schedule the spots for the glare.

Step 7
Take away any additional instructions from Princess Cadence by using a soft pencil to paint the pupils and leave reflections. Draw eyelashes. It should look like this:

Step 8
In this step, we include some additional details to Cadence Draw the crown with the stone in its center, draw curls along the horn and then write a few hair lines. In addition, the hair is drawn from the roots until the ends. This is usually the case for bangs in animated ponies and beards of realistically drawn Samurai.

Step 9
This is where we trace the contours of the wings folded and sketch the silhouettes of the lower legs.

Step 10
Remove the extra lines and then draw the wings.

Step 11
Complete the lesson by drawing the tail (as we did an awl) and outline the hoof and draw the stone that is situated at the back of the Princess Cadence.

It was a drawing class where we taught you to draw the ponies, Princess Cadence. Drawing lesson designed specifically for you, from, do not forget to join us on Facebook along with Google+. Best of luck!

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