How To Draw Pretty Girl Step by Step -

How To Draw Pretty Girl Step by Step

How To Draw Pretty Girl Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to draw Shaggy from Scooby Doo

Step 1

First, you should know that size doesn’t really matter. A thin girl can look great, but a plump girl can also look good. However, when drawing your figure, it is important to understand what every girl in real life knows: What she can and can’t wear. As you can see, a gorgeous, plump girl can wear almost anything (a skinny girl can, however).

Step 2

Although pretty girls don’t always have the same poses, it’s possible to draw them in these poses if they have different personalities. The first girl is confident in herself and radiates her personality. The second girl, however, is timid and unsure of herself. Her body spasms are a sign that she’s nervous. The third pose is a mix of the first and second. She flirts and stares, but is also curious. You can make her feel your personality by choosing the right pose.

Step 3

Take a look at the different types of faces. You will see which one you are and what you require. Your hairstyle is your own. If she has a large forehead, for example, she will need to curl her hair. (p.s. (p.s.) Last variant: Triangle Face

Step 4

Scientists agree that symmetrical faces are the best. This is what beauty is all about. As you can see, asymmetrical faces look bad. You must also know that everything in the human face is at the center. The eyes are located at the top of your head, just below the chin. The top of the head and the eyebrows are located in the middle of the eyes. The nose is located in the middle of the eyes and chin. The nose and mouth are located in the middle of the chin.

Step 5

Long eyelashes are a common feature of pretty girls. The image shows you a variety of styles that can be used to draw long eyelashes, from a simple liner to more intricate ones. Here are some eye views to help you draw your lashes easier.

Step 6

Some examples of makeup are also included because they’re important. You have the option to grant permissions to use your image. Remember: Do not use too much makeup.

Step 7

You will find here a variety of hairstyles after you have determined your face shape. A beautiful girl’s hairstyle can be either short or long. The only thing that matters is which style suits you.

Step 8

The clothes are the last thing to go before you get to the “How do I draw?” section. You won’t find all the options, as shown on the hairstyle page. However, you can see examples of “typical characters names”. It will help you decide what you need. You can mix and match these, but they are all levels.

Step 9

The basis of the pose is the first step in the “How do you draw …” section. Drawing body lines or views is possible.

Step 10

You can then draw a basic base body after you have completed the baseline. This makes drawing much easier.

Step 11

Begin the drawing by starting with the upper body and the head. 1. Draw her face shape and begin the front hairline. 2. Next, we need to address the eyebrows, upper eyelid, nose and ears. 3. Finish the eyes by drawing the eyeballs. 4. Long lashes are best. 5. The basic shape of your hairstyle. 6. Finally, you can draw the details of your hair.

Step 12

The body can be drawn. Draw the neckline and shoulders. Drawing of a hooded shirt.

Step 13

Draw the details of the collarbone and hood.

Step 14

This is a crucial part of the pose.

Step 15

The next step is to draw her base form.

Step 16

Draw the lines for the pants and the clothes. You can draw details on the stomach while sitting in this figure.

Step 17

The base form of your legs is next. This pose is not able to show the bottom of your legs so it’s best to just draw that part. Only to the knee.

Step 18

The last section of “How to draw …”” is about the details of the trousers.

Step 19

Now you can color your pretty girl photo! The rest is up to your imagination. This figure was a lot of fun to draw with you. Bravo, guys!



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