How to Draw Post Malone

How to Draw Post Malone

Step 1:

Start with an oval for the head guide. Next, draw the shoulder, facial, and hand guidelines.

Step 2:

Let’s start by drawing Post Malone’s face. Draw the rough beard and curly hair on the outer edges of the head.

Step 3:

Draw the eyebrows and shapes of the face based on the expression. Next, sketch the forehead and eyes. For dramatic effect, don’t forget to color the eyes black.

Step 4:

Continue working on Post Malone’s nose shape by drawing his face. After that, color in his nostrils and frown lines. The beard will also need some detail.

Step 5:

Finish the Post Malone mustache drawing. You can see that his hairs extend well beyond his top lip. It almost looks exaggerated. The process of getting your teeth done will be started as well.

Step 6:

Fill in the mouth of the man with the top and bottom rows of his teeth. This is it for the final step.

Step 7:

We will add more of his wild curly hair to the back of his head. Once that is complete, you can also draw the shape of his neck.

Step 8:

Once the head and face are done, it’s time to draw Post’s body. His broad shoulders will become his shirt. You can add a shirt collar to his clothing.

Step 9:

Now all we need to do is draw his hand, forearm and the cigarette he’s holding between his fingers. You can also add the knuckle details and the bones. If you make mistakes, erase them and follow the guidelines.

Step 10:

This is it! You are now ready to color your Post Malone art or drawing.

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