How To Draw Poseidon

Few ancient belief systems and religions are as well-known as Greek mythology.

Many people are familiar with famous characters like Zeus and Hades, thanks to their appearances on countless movies, books, and video games.

Poseidon, one of the most fascinating Greek gods is believed to have been the god of sea.

His signature trident is often used to depict him. No guide on drawing Poseidon would be complete if it wasn’t!

How to Draw Police Officer

It will be included in the tutorial you already have.

We hope that you enjoy this amazing step-by-step guide to drawing Poseidon in just 6 steps.

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw Poseidon.

The tutorial’s first step will focus on the man’s head, arm, and trident. You can start by tracing the first half of your trident with two straight lines.

Next, create sharp points with the trident’s tips by using curved lines. After that is done, you can attach his hand to it and connect it to his first muscular arm.

You can finish this step by drawing his intense facial expression.

We can now move onto the next step by adding the handle at the back of your trident.

2nd Step:

We will draw his chest and add more to his arms for the second part.

To create armor pieces, draw some curve lines on his left side.

Next, draw the arm where these armor pieces are attached. This arm will be straight and muscular. Next, draw your bicep from the arm you created in the previous step.

To make this arm look even more muscular, the biceps will be drawn with more curved lines.

The next step is to draw his chest and begin drawing his waist.

3rd Step:

In this third step of we will draw more of the armor he wears in our guide to drawing Poseidon.

Draw a diagonally down curved strap across his chest. Next, draw a large, intricately decorated belt that will be worn across his waist.

The belt will have a small border at the top and bottom, as well as some vertical lines running along its length.

We will draw some fabric parts that drop down on his legs and below the buckle of his belt.

4th Step:

We will soon move to a watery base, but we first need to draw some legs for Poseidon in this stage of your Poseidon drawing.

The left leg will be extended straight out. His pointed boot will also cover the foot and shin of this leg.

Next, you will raise the right-hand leg. This leg will be bent and raised higher than the others.

When we draw his base, the reasoning behind this positioning will become clear.

5th Step:

We are now ready to complete the last details of this step. Refer to our guide on drawing Poseidon. Now you are ready to color him in.

To show that he’s standing on rocks in the ocean, we will first draw some rounded shapes under his legs.

After those lines are drawn, we will draw more detailed, more precise lines to allow water spray to crash against the rocks behind him.

This base really shows his power over the sea! Is there any other detail you could add to this amazing image?

6th Step:

This is the last step in your Poseidon drawing. In it, we will add color. We have shown you one way to color this god in the reference image we gave you.

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