How to Draw Popcorn -

How to Draw Popcorn

How to Draw Popcorn

Popcorn looks very simple on the surface. It is just corn that has exploded.

Popcorn has become an iconic snack to enjoy at the cinemas and has come to signify the act of watching a movie.

Both movie and snack lovers will love to have the chance to learn how to drawpopcorn, so they can celebrate this movie icon.

This guide will help you recreate your favorite snack. This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw popcorn in just 6 easy steps.

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw popcorn in a bag. We will begin with that bag.

You will need a ruler to help you do this.

Once you have your ruler ready to go , you can draw two horizontal lines that move very slightly outward. These lines can be connected at the bottom to make the base of your popcorn bag.

This is it for the first step. Now you can move on to the next!

2nd Step:

The second step in your draw popcorn drawing involves you adding the top to the bag you created in step 1.

The top of the bag isn’t flat so you won’t need a ruler. You can create a wavy edge by using a series of rounded edges.

Refer to the reference image for a better idea of how it should look!

3rd Step:

Now that you have drawn the bag of popcorn, we will draw the popcorn star in our guide to drawing popcorn.

Although it may seem like a difficult step, it is actually quite simple.

All you have to do is draw a few rounded shapes with a lot of wavy lines.

As we will be adding more popcorn later, for now, only add one row.

4th Step:

Now that you’re comfortable drawing popcorn kernels, it shouldn’t be difficult to add more!

To increase the appearance of your popcorn, add another layer. For a larger bag of popcorn, you can add another layer.

After you’ve drawn the next layer, you can add some details to the popcorn kernels by drawing small lines. This will make them look more like popcorn.

These drawings will be used to add final details in the last few steps.

5th Step:

You will need to finish the details before you can move on to the coloring phase. This step will be about decorating the popcorn bag!

Our example was simple and had a stripy pattern. However, this step is where you can get creative and create your own design for your popcorn bag.

Popcorn bags can often be decorated with colorful and unique artwork.

To fully embrace the movie theme, you could draw a poster of one of your favorite films on the popcorn bag.

You can also create your own pattern or another movie theme by drawing spotlights and film reels on it.

How can you personalize this popcorn drawing with your details?

6th Step:

This brings us to the last step in this guide to drawing popcorn. Now that you have completed your drawing, it is time to color in your masterpiece!

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