How to Draw Police Officer -

How to Draw Police Officer

How to Draw Police Officer

There are many groups that keep us safe in society, including the police force.

These women and men serve people in danger every day, and often put themselves in danger to do so.

Drawing a police officer is a great way of showing appreciation!

You’ll be able create your own police officers by the end of this guide.

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This step-by-step guide will help you draw a policeman.

1st Step:

The first step in our guide to drawing a police officer is to draw the head and hat.

It can be difficult to draw a human head or face. Try to duplicate the lines in our reference image.

The officer raises his head slightly so that his neck is stretched out and his face is at an angle.

After you have drawn his head you can add his police hat to the area around his head.

2nd Step:

In the next section, we will add to your police officer drawing. You can first use curved, pointed lines to create the collar at his neck’s base.

You can then draw a straight line from the collar to the middle of the shirt. After you have drawn that line, add dots to the end for his buttons.

Finalize this step by drawing horizontal curves for his shoulders.

3rd Step:

We will add many details to this step of . This is our guide on drawing police officers. But don’t worry, we will do it slowly!

To draw his short sleeves, you can use straight and curved lines. Next, draw the outline of his chest using more curves.

Once you have drawn the outline of his chest, you can draw the square shapes for his pockets.

Finalize this step by drawing details like his police badge or details on his shoulders.

4th Step:

Your police officer drawing looks great! We will use curved liens in this section to continue drawing his arms bent to his waist.

Once you have replicated his arms in the reference image, you can draw his belt. It will have a radio and a pouch attached to it.

5th Step:

We are almost done with the top half of this drawing, so let’s move on to the bottom. This step is a guide on how to draw police officers.

We will draw the legs with a few curved lines and add more details to his belt.

These will consist mainly of handcuffs that are attached to his belt and a police baton. After you’ve added all the details, you can proceed to the final details.

6th Step:

This step can be completed by us.

Simply extend the lines you made for his legs and draw a line down to his feet. Then, place his rounded shoes at their base.

You are done when you add all the details. To really complete the picture, add details and elements to it before you color it.

You can change some details or take the information you have learned and create your own police officer.

You can also find images of police cars online and draw one as the background to this officer.

These are just some ideas. What other options do you have to complete this drawing?

7th Step:

This is the last step in our guide to drawing a police officer. Now you can add color to your artwork!

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