Polaris (real identity is Lorna Dane) is a character from Marvel Comics and also a part of the X-Men. Polaris is a mutant who is able to manipulate magnetism. As you can see, Polaris is the child of Magneto who is among the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe. Let’s begin our tutorial on drawing Polaris using Marvel comics.

Step 1
As is the norm, we begin with the body of the character. In the beginning sketch an oval head, beneath you draw the line that outlines the spine. This line is a simple way to sketch out the thorax as well as the pelvis. Utilizing simple lines, sketch out the legs and arms. Remember that the lines drawn at the beginning of the process should be light, even translucent.

Step 2
The next step of tradition will be dedicated to the fact that we’ll give volume to the body of the character. For the face, we draw two lines that cross. Then we sketch out the neck’s cylindrical outline as well as the shape of the torso. It gets narrower when you reach the waist. Then, outline the thin legs and arms. Try to duplicate all the curves like in our illustration.

Step 3
Let’s now add the most fundamental elements of the human body. Starting with the head we’ll draw the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, draw the outline of the unusual masks and hair that is long and wriggling. After this step, sketch the outline of the costume as well as its costume behind the back.

Step 4
We can now begin sketching some final lines. The first step is to draw a sketch of the face. Take care when drawing the nose, eyes, and mouth. Take care when drawing the fine details of the face, since they must be neat. Draw the outline for the face, then mask and take away any guidance from the head.

Step 5
It is also a complicated and easy step. In this case, we’ll need for us to sketch long hair for our character. With long and curly lines, draw carefully all the details as we will see in the example below. After the process, according to custom, we remove all lines that are not needed from the hair and the head.

Step 6
Let’s now move to the body that our model has. With the aid of straight lines and clear lines, we meticulously sketch everything in our illustration. Drawing the torso be aware of the curvatures of the body beneath the clothing. Make sure to draw every detail of the clothing and then erase any unneeded lines from the torso.

Step 7
Then we’ll perform the same thing, but this time using the arms. In this case, we need to draw the arms’ outline using smooth lines and dark ones. Then draw thin fingers as well as an acrobatic cape that is swiveling to the side. Remove all guidelines that are not needed from the top of your body.

Step 8
It is now our turn for us to create the upper section of Polaris. By drawing long lines and straight lines, carefully draw legs and hips, as illustrated in our example. Draw knee lines and the outline of the shoes. Take all guidelines off the body.

This was an art course on One of the more stunning characters of Marvel. Marvel universe. If you’re interested in learning how to draw other characters from this universe, then check out the category titled “Comics” on our website.

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