It’s hard to imagine a toolbox without tools like pliers. With this simple tool, you can pick something up that you can twist, or even hit nails when needed. Let’s begin the instruction on drawing pliers.

Step 1
Draw a figure made up of two parts using the aid of extremely lightweight geometric designs.

Step 2
You can add a few more particulars, such as an arc-shaped connection or the handles’ outlines.

Step 3
With dark and clear lines, trace the outline of the jaws pliers.

Step 4
This time by using the same dark and clear lines, we’ll need to draw handles for pliers.

Step 5
Add a few shadows on the sides of the pliers, to create a voluminous look.

As you can see, it’s extremely easy to master drawing pliers. What other tools, or perhaps other tools would like to see in those drawing courses? Note the subjects of your desired lessons in the comments section of this article. If you follow the techniques taught in this lesson you can draw not just clippers, but also pliers as well as cable cutters, and some vise grips.

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