How To Draw Playboy Bunny Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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The rabbit’s design is sure to be simple. Begin by drawing a circle around the head, and then include guides to the eyes and ears and draw a second circles for the bow or collar.

Step 2
You will now draw the perfect bunny’s ears, and then proceed onto the next stage.

Step 3
This is where you can draw the the head of the Playboy bunny. As you can see, there’s a cut on the neck of the rabbit. It will be used in the future. Once you have drawn the head then you can draw the ideal eyeshape.

Step 4
The final drawing step, all you need to draw is the collar and bow. They must fit comfortably within the groove that you created at the beginning of the process. Remove all guidelines until you have a clear drawing.

Step 5
You can color your drawing in any shade you like And you’ve completed the tutorial “how you draw Playboy Bunny, step by step”.

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