How to Draw Plankton

In this drawing tutorial, we will teach the user the art of drawing Plankton. You may have heard of this villain who appeared in a variety of stories of SpongeBob and. Krabs.


Step 1

We first draw a shape that resembles coffee beans. The lower half of the figure must be slightly smaller. The upper section of this figure will be filled with the eye of a large size.




Step 2

Let’s draw some mustaches. If you’ve seen this evil character, you’ve probably noticed his mustache, don’t you think? The mustache of plankton swoops out in various directions. It looks like a television antenna.




Step 3

We draw a circle that outlines the eyes. The eye must be moved towards the right side of the human body. We also draw the lines that need to be crossed by the mustache as we did in the previous step.




Step 4

The character we draw is a gorgeous criminal character. We must draw a frowning brow to portray a smug appearance. We can also draw the pupil as a round shape that is situated in the crease of your eye.




Step 5

This type of smile typically conveys joy or laughter. If you have a frowning eyebrow the smile signifies the opposite of a grumpy smile. Let’s make this look like a grin.




Step 6

A pair of rows and the tongue which resembles the shape of a heart is exactly what you must draw in this easy task. Make sure that the teeth are not too big.




Step 7

Our plankton is a small animal with limbs. It is likely a unique idea by animators who highlights the physical flaws in this character.




Step 8

The legs should appear small. The limbs should also be separated from one another.




Step 9

We will continue our drawing tutorial on how do you draw plankton. This step is essential to ensure that there aren’t any distortions or improper dimensions in the drawing.




Step 10

When drawing cartoon characters, there are always some issues. This is because you have to be observant of your body’s proportions as well as the color. Any slight variation from the initial style could cause distortion to the whole image. It is therefore recommended to keep with the color palette of the cartoon’s original design.



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It’s not too difficult It’s not that difficult, is it? You must continue drawing ever-more difficult lessons to ensure that your abilities continue to improve. Try to draw the stormtrooper of Star Wars.

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