How To Draw Pisces Sign

How To Draw Pisces Sign

Step 1:

As you’ll see, the instructions are fairly easy to follow. Draw two fish using simple lines.

Step 2:

Define the shape of the bodies of fish like this however don’t draw the tails just yet.

Step 3:

This is where you can make the shape more rounded on the bodies of fish and draw the sharp tails. Note that they are facing different directions.

Step 4:

There are simple designs on the interior of a fish as.

Step 5:

Here , you’ll be working on the proper fish, and draw the tribal scale patterns as well as Dorsal Fin.

Step 6:

The two fish should be connected in the same way this and move on to step seven.

Step 7:

All you need to do is color the solid fish design.

Step 8:

You’re done. You can add some color and a backdrop to the Zodiac sign.

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