Hello! Today we are continuing the theme of the beloved animation “My Little Pony ” as well as our guest today is Pinkie Pie. We’ve created an art lesson for the very adorable horse. Pinky Pie – is an unrestful party girl who is a lover of vibrant events. This pony with a playful personality is a lover of singing and organizes holidays as well as various raffles. Let’s begin the lesson and discover what it takes to draw the character of Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony!

Step 1
Begin drawing the pony using the largest circle that is moved toward the left side and then upwards from the center of our sheet. The circle will become an animal head.

Step 2
Below the circle drawn in the previous section, sketch a figure that resembles an inverted bean, or a sleeping minion

The animated film “Despicable from the cartoon “Despicable.” This character represents the horse’s body.

Step 3
Join two figures drawn in the previous steps by using two lines that are smooth and parallel that must be considerably larger than the other. Remember that in the same way, we have drawn the other ponies like Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash.

Step 4
This is a relatively challenging step, and you have to be particularly cautious. Draw the silhouettes of the legs of our ponies. Draw the legs by using shapes similar to ovals that are elongated.

Step 5
Mark Pinkie Pie’s face. Pinkie Pie. Sketch the facial line vertically as well as the eye line horizontally. It will aid us in drawing facial facial features.

Step 6
Utilizing the lines of the face created in the previous step, draw the lines of the nose, eyes, and mouth. The right side of Pinkie Pie looks like an inverted egg. The second eye, from this angle, appears very different.

Step 7
Draw eyes. Draw the pupils like in our illustration. Don’t forget the most important aspect – the glares within the pupils. Finish this step by drawing your eyelashes upwards.

Step 8
It’s a simple step. On the upper part of the hair, outline the contours of hair and ears.

Step 9
Draw the outline of the bangs and mane. Make use of smooth, wavy lines that are guided by the marks in earlier steps. Draw the tongue and the nostril.

Step 10
Draw the lines on the legs, and then create a downward sweeping effect.

Step 11
Remove the extra guidelines from his legs, giving these areas of the body a more finished look. Then, in the same manner, apply the paint to your pupils.

Step 12
The icon is drawn in the shape of three balloons that are located on the thighs of Pinkie Pie (do not forget it is true that Pinkie Pie happens to be the biggest party-goer throughout the entire series). By using smooth, curly lines, create the tail.

Today, the team at showed you how to draw. Draw Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony.

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