In this drawing instruction, We will show that you can draw Pikachu. Pikachu is one of the most popular characters in our universe of Pokemon. Let’s try drawing it as cool as we can!


Step 1

The body and head of our hero appear to be the base of a snowman, which started to melt. The head’s length must be greater than the length of the body. It is important to note that the head’s size is a standard feature for cartoon characters.



Step 2

The facial features of a person should be unsymmetrical. The mouth and nose should be more towards that of the left eye. The shape of the eyes must be different too.



Step 3.

We can draw our characters’ cheeks. It’s quite bizarre indeed. The left cheek blush cheek is an oval, and the blush that’s on the cheek on the right is like a ball placed beneath the skin.



Step 4

Let’s draw a pair of ears. They are quite like the ears of the rabbit. These cute animals like to move their ears like Pikachu.



Step 5

There are Pokemon that require hands. For instance, there’s one Pokemon who is a fantastic boxer. Pikachu is not one of them because his paws are small. Let’s draw it.



Step 6

The lower limbs of our beloved aren’t too big either. Pikachu feet look like two small ovals separated by small vertical lines.



Step 7

In this phase, we’ll make a few minor adjustments. The first step is to join the body and head in an even line. Second, we mark the points of our ears. Then, we draw some strips on the reverse of Pikachu.



Step 8

It’s tempting to think this is an easy step however, you must be extra careful in this step. We all know what Pikachu’s tail is like, and the distortion that occurs in this step is going to render your drawing very different from the original.



Step 9

Examine your Pokemon carefully. If you don’t see any obvious errors or issues with proportions, then you can move on to the next step. If you find mistakes, it’s better to rectify them as soon as possible.



Step 10

Everyone is in agreement about bright yellow, isn’t it? It’s then left to observe only the areas of the ears that are visible eye, the tail, and eyes. the blush on cheeks. One of the most crucial aspects is the glare in the eyes. Don’t forget to remove them, as it will affect the fullness that we get from our Pikachu.

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