This drawing lesson will be focused on drawing Peter Griffin – the protagonist of the animated show “Family Guy”, the head of the family. Peter comes of Irish descent and is a member of the family living and is a resident of Quahog, Rhode Island.  His preferred pastime is to sit on the couch watching television. However, it’s likely not the insanity and foolishness of Peter however, but his unconventional thinking. He showcases his creativity as well as the ability to think with a clear mind in his naivete pursuits.

Step 1
Draw out the eyes, pupils in the form of dots hair, and a small ear.

Step 2
Then we move down and draw a smiley mouth and a huge jaw in the shape of bones.

Step 3
We now draw the outlines of a face that flows seamlessly into the neck, and then the top edge of the collar.

Step 4
Draw the outline of the sleeves and shoulders as we did in our illustration.

Step 5
Draw large fingers and hands. Draw the top of the shirt as well as the folds’ outline.

Step 6
A few additional details are needed – the collar and buttons, front placket belt loops, and belt.

Step 7
Then draw out the lower half of the torso as well as legs, which are expanding downwards.

Step 8
This is the final step in which we draw the rounded shoe that is the work of Peter Griffin.

Today, we taught the art of drawing Peter Griffin – one of the most charming and hilarious characters, not just from the show Family Guy, but in general from the whole animated series. Of course, Peter Griffin is not the only character about which we created an art lesson. On our site, there are an array of characters, so check out our section “Cartoons” to learn how to draw.

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