Being able to know the art of drawing perspective is among the most essential skills needed by artists. This ability allows you to draw not just geometric shapes and structures, but also people, as all objects are subject to the rules regarding perception.

In this guide, the team at is going to teach the art of drawing perspective on a visually appealing city street. We will explore how to accurately depict the single-point perspective.


Step 1

The first step is to draw lines that connect with a vanishing point. In the image below the top lines represent the upper edge of houses while the bottom lines represent the bottom edges of the house and sidewalk lines.


Step 2

Then draw the vertical lines to show how the house’s boundaries are defined. The team recommends drawing sans ruler in order to improve how to draw straight lines.




Step 3

Utilizing similar straight lines, the same lines represent the window and door on the left in front. Remember that, in line with the rules in an aerial perspective the details in the foreground must be more dark and contrasting.


Step 4

In the same way as the first stage, draw the rest of the windows and doors. As these details are moved further away, they will become lighter and smaller.


Step 5

With a large number of lines, illustrate the brickwork in the illustration by the artists at While working with this space be sure to make sure that the bricks get smaller or lighter when they get away from us.


Step 6

Add a few lines to the sidewalks in order to make them more substantial. Place houses in the center of your composition. They should be light and not contain too much detail.


Step 7

Let’s now move to the right-hand side of the road. Make long lines that join at the disappearing point to represent the brickwork. At the same time, you can draw the door in the background.


Step 8

Eliminate the lines of construction, as well as make the background more dark and striking. Include the final touches to make the work neat and complete. You can also add shadows or shades to make the art richer as well as convincing.


The team at taught you ways to draw in perspective using the model of a thin European street. With the knowledge you learned in this post, you will be able to draw different exteriors or internals, or other objects using the correct perspective.

Additionally to that, the team behind continues to remind us that to master drawing you must be consistent and practice a minimum of half an hour each day. You can, for instance, explore the outdoors and use the information you learned from this article to sketch your surroundings.

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