How To Draw Percy Jackson Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing guide below.

How to draw an Anime Girl with COLORED Pencils

Step 1

Another lengthy lesson to learn so be ready. Begin by drawing an outline of the head. Add guides for the body and face as well.

Step 2

Start sketching out the form of Percy’s face beginning with the cheeks and then move on to the jaw line and down as this. Then trace the eyelash lines, too.

Step 3

Complete drawing the eyes after which you can draw the eyeballs. Next, draw your eyebrows and colour the eyebrows. Next, draw the nose and then the mouth.

Step 4

You’re now eager to draw Percy’s haircut, which is the hairstyle with long locks that lots of teenagers are sporting nowadays. As you can see , his hair is skewed to the left, and his hair is tied in behind the ears. Make sure to pull the ears out and go on to the fifth step.

Step 5

Draw the neck, begin drawing the sweater and shirt that he’s wearing. The clothes must have nice ripples, which give the appearance of depth and definition. It is not a good idea to see their characters wearing clothes that look rough or rough.

Step 6

Continue drawing the clothing, this time, draw on the collar of the shirt and finally, the opening to the coat of wool that he wears. Then, paint both of the arms in this manner Don’t forget to add details to the sleeves.

Step 7

There’s just one thing to do, and that’s to release the fist with clenched fingers since he’s holding the trident.

Step 8

Before proceeding to the next step , where you draw the trident you need sketch out its clothes and neck with great detail. Make sure that you draw a neat and clean sketch.

Step 9

The sketch of his trident appears hot. It is important to take your time because you’ll want to ensure that you have the same shape and style for the 3 prongs in the actual object. Include a few small breaks and booms, remove the lines, and the shapes you sketched in step one.

Step 10

Here’s a drawn tutorial for the art of drawing Percy Jackson. Then, color him. That’s it. I hope this is the design you’re looking for. Should it not be, you’ll need to give yet another Percy course in the near future.

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