How To Draw Pepe Le Pew easy || Cartoon Squirrel Drawing

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Begin with drawing two circular shapes. then adding guides to the face. You will then draw a long line for its tail , and the line would then be a swirling one for it’s hind legs. Create a second instructional video for his front hand and arm.

Step 2
The next step is that you’ll begin sketching the outline of Pepe’s fluffy tail. When sketching the tail, ensure that you draw jagged lines to highlight what the fur’s texture is like. Also, you will begin shaping the sides and the top on the facial features. Use the faces guides to draw his eyes. Increase the size of his hind legs as well as forearms.

Step 3
Now you can finish drawing Pepe’s tail by drawing a second line form. Let’s now put on an earring as well as a lining to his sleek hairstyle. Paint his eyelidsand begin drawing his smile and the nose line. Create a lining to the bottom of the legs and butt, and then form the arms before.

Step 4
Shape its tail by shaping it, and then feathering it while you do it. You’ll then draw stripes on his back and his tail and also make his belly shape. Make sure to give him a few eyes and then smile. The right arm and chest as well as his hand will be the following items to be drawn out and are able to feel your chest.

Step 5
In this drawing stage in this drawing step, you’ll detail his back stripes and tail little more. Create a realistic nose, then sketch the inside of the ears. Draw the lines for his toes and later, draw out his belly and finish the arm lines. Remove all the concepts and shapes you created in step one.

Step 6
After you’ve completed your drawing, your drawing should look as follows. The only thing you have to do is paint the drawing. This should be enough for this lesson. It’s not all that difficult does it? You have just learned how to draw Pepe Le Pew step by the step. I’ll be back with the bot with even more enjoyable characters. Make sure you’re stable.

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