how to draw pegasus

The team at believe that Pegasus is among the most stunning mythological creatures. Therefore, today we’ll teach how to show the art of drawing Pegasus simple and quickly. We will demonstrate how to draw this stunning creature in a straightforward method. So, get your favorite art materials then scroll down to follow the steps you can draw Pegasus.


Step 1

First, visualize first, imagine the head as well as the pelvis, chest, and head like three balls. Then, connect the three parts by drawing a curving line of the backbone. With a few simple and loose lines, draw the parts of the limbs.




Step 2

Then, go to the head and draw the long muzzle. After all, we depict horses with wings. Then, using two strong and long lines, draw the tail and wing.




Step 3

From this point, it is time to sketch details with dark lines. Begin by drawing eyes as well as ears. After that, two curved lines, show the distinctive horse neck.




Step 4

Then, trace your head’s outline similar to the artists of their website as shown in this image. Then, draw the nose and mouth.




Step 5

We’ll now move to the hairstyle of our magnificent ancient winged horse. With long, flowing lines, you can depict everything in the illustration below.




Step 6

Let’s draw the forelimbs. Utilizing dark and clear lines, draw them in consideration of the joints. Make sure to show hooves.




Step 7

With a couple of simple lines, join the pelvis and the chest to create the Pegasus body. Complete the portrayal of the tail using another line that is curved.




Step 8

Let’s now draw the hind legs using dark lines. The legs should be thick at their top, and they should taper downwards. Make sure to show hooves.




Step 9

Let’s get started on these wings today. We will now add more details, or more specifically the plumage. Begin at the top of the page by drawing the feathers in the shape of U-shaped lines.




Step 10

In this stage, it is time to draw our pegasus feathers. The first step is to draw an array of U-drawn lines below, then depict the final row of feathers that are in the form of extremely elongated U-drawn lines.




Step 11

Now, take an eraser and wipe away all the lines from your Pegasus drawing. Then, draw all of the necessary lines, creating them clear and dark before moving to the next step of the instructional guide on drawing Pegasus.




Step 12

Let’s paint Pegasus. We suggest lighter beige, white, or ivory shades. The eyes, as well as the hooves, should be painted using gray. To prevent the Pegasus drawing from appearing flat, add some shadows.




If you are able to draw the following lines, then you’ve completed the tutorial on drawing Pegasus.

So, are you looking to create a Pegasus drawing more unique? You could try drawing the creature without wings, and then include a horn, and you’ll end up with an animal called a unicorn. It is also possible to portray an animal riding on it, or depict clouds as well as an ethereal rainbow as background.

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