How To Draw Pebbles Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Poison Ivy Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by drawing circles and guide lines. Begin with a circle that resembles a skull for the head. Then outline it according to facial guidelines. Then draw the shape of her torso’s small size using the shapes of her feet and hands. Once all shapes have been drawn, draw them according to the instructions , which include the lines on upper part of the head, which will be her ponytail.

Step 2

The next step the next thing to draw is the ponytail and the pebbles bone, and then you’ll draw the outline of her nose, eyes and mouth as well as her ears. Once you have drawn these pieces you will draw the last thing in this stage, that is the shape and lining of her dress.

Step 3

What you need to do is to draw details on her hair with tiny pieces of hair like the ones depicted. Let’s draw her thick eyebrows and lovely round eyes, as well as tiny eyelashes. You can now draw her left hand, and draw the neckliner on her skirt. Once you have drawn on the upper part of her Gravel and draw her legs, her bottom feet and toes.

Step 4

The only thing you need to do are draw spots across her shirt. Once your last step is completed then you are able to go ahead and erase the circles and guides that you redrawn in step 1.

Step 5

Here’s how you and your Pebbles are going to look like after you’re finished. Although she’s not perfect but she’s still adorable. All you need to do is colour her. This tutorial should be finished. on drawing Pebbles Flintstone step-by-step.

Step 6

Here’s how you and your Pebbles appear to be after you’re completed. It’s true that she’s not perfect, but she’s adorable. All you need to do is colour her. This tutorial should be finished. of drawing Pebbles Flintstone step-by-step.

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