How to Draw Peace -

How to Draw Peace

How to Draw Peace

How to Draw Peace

Step 1:

Let’s begin with some basic guidelines for drawing our natural landscapes. These guides should be drawn very lightly on paper, if you intend to trace the future lines using permanent inks like a pen or sharpie.

Step 2:

Let’s start with the moon and draw the sky before moving on to the mountains. To avoid confusion and complications, I advise novice artists to start at the top.

Step 3:

Let’s now work on the ground and tree portions of the nightscape half of our peace sign concept.

Step 4:

Let’s now get to work on the treeline portion of this peace sign tattoo.

Step 5:

Next, let us draw the mountains that are just beyond the treeline. Then we will detail the river’s current form.

Step 6:

Once you have done that, draw the sun smiling around it.

Step 7:

Next, draw the remainder of the river on the lower side of the concept. We are almost done!

Step 8:

Complete the inner scenes of the peace symbol with the small family in the lower portion. This creative art idea is complete with the perfect finishing touch!

Step 9:

Next, trace the shape of the peace sign and then erase any parts that have been covered by scenic elements (like sun and moon, clouds).

Step 10:

After you have traced your line art and are happy with it, you should get a very similar result. This lesson was fun to learn. You can also suggest tut ideas or join me in an art fight here at DrawingHub.

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