Good morning! We will be showing how to draw Paul Bunyan, a giant lumberjack who is a part of Canadian folklore. Paul Bunyan is a giant, good-natured guy who loves to travel and tell funny stories. Paul Bunyan travels to various towns and villages with his best friend, a bull named Babe. He is also very kind-natured.

Step 1
Let’s start by describing the figure of Paul Bunyan. You can see how the body is inverted like an inverted triangle. It also looks very much like a bear’s head.

Step 2
We now do something similar to the silhouette for future drawings by using simple geometric shapes.

Step 3
The eyes, nose, and eyebrows of Paul are drawn. Notice how high the eyebrows are – they almost reach the top.

Step 4
Get out the beard and ears of our giant.

Step 5
Detailing the upper body of Paul Bunyan. Don’t forget the collar, buttons, and sleeves rolled up.

Step 6
Draw the lines between the checkered shirt, and the hairs on the arms.

Step 7
Draw the details of Paul’s lower body, such as his pants or shoes.

Paul Bunyan was drawn in cartoon style. We also drew many characters in this style, including Boss Baby, Tad Jones, and Tad Jones.

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