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how to draw patrick star

In this drawing instruction, We will show that you can sketch Patrick Star. Drawing in cartoons is actually quite easy. Does it appear that it’s easier drawing a humorous starfish with a fat belly? But there is an issue. When you design a famous character, even the tiniest error can destroy his appearance.

Be extra careful when you are taking these lessons. We have created these steps for you in order to ensure that you will get the most perfect results.


Step 1

First, first, we draw the outline of a circle. The circle should appear to be a slightly smaller circle since our hero is extremely healthy. The circle should be just a bit below the middle of the paper.




Step 2

Let’s look at the process in its entirety which resembles an extended cap. Avoid sharp corners. This is apparent in real starfish. One of the benefits of animation in this case is the lack of sharp edges. Patrick is a very gentle and gentle character, and therefore sharp corners aren’t necessary for this instance.




Step 3

Add two additional processes. According to Stephen McDannell Hillenburg, these processes must be comparable to legs and arms. Patrick is extremely awkward due to his short legs which are unstable. In our situation Patrick is a bit awkward, so the “arms” should be significantly bigger in comparison to”legs” the “legs”.




Step 4

In this stage, we will be drawing our attention to Patrick. Be aware of the pupils. This is an important aspect as it is the positioning of the pupils that creates the focus of the pupils. As you may have guessed, Patrick is quite dumb. So, his pupils must be placed in a way that the eyes do not convey anything.




Step 5

Patrick typically smiles. He’s amused by Squidward’s sorrow, SpongeBob’s concern as well as Mr. Krabs’s fear when he noticed a decline in profit. His own problems often amuse him. In this stage, we’ll create a smiley face that resembles an equilateral triangle, with smooth curving lines.

Everyone who loves SpongeBob recognizes those eyebrows that are the shape of the”N” letters “N”, let’s draw it.




Step 6

It is perhaps the shortest process in the history of our website. By using two lines that are smooth and curly to denote the language. Then we draw a line around the navel as well as points on the body, as shown in our illustration.




Step 7

This is the next step in our tutorial on drawing Patrick Star. The actor rarely wore an elegant suit. His usual clothes are broad shorts. Let’s sketch out the outline of Patrick’s shorts with this step.




Step 8

If you’ve adhered to the order of the steps and didn’t do any mistakes with the proportions, then in this step we need to take out the lines that are not needed. If you spot any mistakes make sure you correct them before beginning to colorize.




Step 9

Most likely, this move will not be a big deal for those who are true people who love SpongeBob. These colors are well-known to anyone who has watched a few episodes of the series about the people living on the seabed. Pick a light pink hue for Patrick’s head, torso, and legs. The primary shade for swim trunks can be light green. The patterns of the fabric appear like blue-colored light petals.




The drawing was an instruction on how to draw Patrick Star. EasyDrawingArt team created it specifically for you. We hope you’ve noticed your improvement in your art after you’ve completed this course.

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