How to Draw Pasta Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How To Draw Pocahontas Step by Step

In the first step of our tutorial on how to draw pasta, we will keep it simple. Instead of focusing solely on the winding noodles, which will be the hardest part of the drawing we will instead focus on the noodles on the plate.

We will use a simple oval to outline the sheet. You can trace the outline using a stencil or freehand.

You are now ready to move on to the next step in the tutorial.

Step 2 – Next, draw the first portion of the pasta

Once you are happy with the pasta drawing, it is time to paint the food.

This can be quite complicated as the pasta will consist of many thin strands that have been twisted together.

Additional ingredients like meat, vegetables and leaves can be added to the dish.

To see how noodles interact, draw them one at a time. Follow our reference image closely.

You can also add what looks like half of a cherry tomato to the pasta.

Step 3: Add more pasta or other ingredients

We will continue with the pasta drawing tutorial by adding another piece of pasta to it.

You can do this by adding more curvy noodles to the plate until you reach the center of your pasta.

Seasoning can include adding some leaves to enhance the flavor of dishes.

We will use some of these cards to complete this step. Draw two leaves larger than the smaller ones, then you can move on to step 4.


Step 4 – Next draw another piece pasta

You will add another portion to your pasta plate in the fourth step of the drawing.

This second part will eat most of the pasta’s volume, and will also occupy the top of your plate.

Follow the drawing instructions and draw each pasta individually.

We also added another leaf and a small tomato to this section. You can add additional elements to the mix, if desired.

We’ll then be ready to add the final section and some other smaller elements in the next stage of the tutorial!

Step 5: Add the final details to your Pasta Drawing

This step is the pasta drawing tutorial. We’ll finish the final part of the tutorial and fine-tune the details so that you can color the final step.

You can add pasta to the top, but there is one more space. Add some curled noodles to that space.

To complete the picture, we will add a few more tomatoes slices. We can add some details to the drawing after this section is completed.

To make the noodles look like pepper or other seasonings, we added lots of dots to them. \

To show that you are enjoying this dish, you can draw side dishes or drinks next to the pasta plate.

Step 6 – Color your pasta drawing

We will finish this pasta drawing with some colors. To give the pasta and plate a softer tone, we used lighter shades of yellow and beige.

We used red tomatoes for lighter patches and green leaves for those with darker skin.

You can use the same colors, or you can modify them to suit your needs.

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