how to draw pants Clothing category is extremely popular with our readers. Today we will add a tutorial on how-to-draw pants. This tutorial will add a lot to the knowledge you have gained from articles about the cap and jacket.

This tut will show you how to draw pants, just like the instructions in the Clothing category. It is divided into nine stages. All new lines are highlighted in red to ensure maximum clarity and simplicity.


Step 1

Begin by creating the contours for the pants. It looks like you have two lines, one horizontal and one vertical.



Step 2

Next, draw the inner and lower edges of the legs. Our sketch now looks more like pants drawing.



Step 3

Let’s make the pants drawing look more real. First, increase the outer surface of the pants as shown in the sketch.



Step 4

Let’s now move to the top. This detail can be reproduced as shown in our example.



Step 5

To create a fly, use a few simple lines. This detail can be used on both classic and jeans. Round the bottom of your legs.



Step 6

Let’s now make the pants more realistic and detailed. Create pockets first, then fold the fly and groin areas.



Step 7

Draw two vertical crease lines. These should be drawn keeping in mind the folds of the pants. Don’t forget to show the bottom folds.



Step 8

Make sure the pants are clean, beautiful, and visually pleasing. You can make the drawing even more clear by using a darker pencil, ink, or a pen.



Step 9

Let’s get started, readers. They were painted in a classic beige, but you can choose any color that suits your preference.



We reached the final stage of the tutorial about how to draw pants. It went very quickly and confidently. Leave your feedback about this tutorial. We read all comments and will respond to as many as possible.

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