How to Draw Pain from Naruto Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

As with my other Naruto cartoon characters, it’s exactly the same way. Draw a circle to represent the head and add guidelines to the face. Then, draw the complete contour of the Pain’s Akatsuki Cloak. Once you’re done you can draw the outline of his feet and legs.

Step 2

The collar is drawn in greater detail, and finally draw the outline of the pointy for the haircut. Then, draw the head guard , then outline the face shape. his face, as shown in this picture.

Step 3

Start drawing the design on the head protector that you can see in this picture. Then, sketch out the outline of his eyes. Make sure that the pupils are filled, and make the nose. You can then draw the shape of his sleeve . Finally, draw a zipper, or a more precise outline for the cape.

Step 4

Now that you’ve completed step 4, you’ll be able to begin sketching the remainder of the flowing design of Akatsuki’s cloak. After that, you’ll be able to sketch two of Akatsuki’s cloud designs, and then sketch out the form of his legs like the image below.

Step 5

This is the final drawing step . All you have to do is draw the outline of his legs, and then his feet. While drawing the feet and legs be sure to add details and definition. Then, draw an additional Akatsuki cloud at the center of his cape, as you can see in this. After that, you can erase all the fundamentals and patterns you created in the first step.

Step 6

You’ve completed the video instruction “how to draw Pain from Naruto step by step”. You can color him now and you’re finished. Come back to draw more enjoyment.

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