We are glad to have you here, dear artists. We have prepared a new lesson for you in which we will show you how you can draw Pagani Huayra. We have already taught you how to draw the Lamborghini, Ferrari, and many other cars. Let’s get started with this drawing lesson.

Step 1
Let’s first outline the main contours. These lines are very smooth. Only use delicate and light lines.

Step 2
The ovals can be used to draw the wheel arches as well as the wheels. Draw the spoiler at the rear of your car.

Step 3
Let’s get to the details. Draw the hood line in the front and the unusually long headlights. Draw mirrors on the sides.

Step 4
Continue to draw Pagani Huayra. Let’s move down a bit and draw a radiator grille using all the details from our example.

Step 5
Let’s get to the top of our Pagani Huayra. Use curved lines to draw the roof and windows.

Step 6
Draw the lines for the door and details at the bottom. Next, draw a spoiler.

Step 7
This step is quite difficult. Draw the wheel arches accurately. Draw the wheels using ovals.

Step 8
Now draw the rims. You can pick any type of rims that you like, as we always say at this stage.

It was a tutorial on how you draw Pagani Huayra. Remember that we also have a large category called “Cars”, where you can find a wide range of cars from Ford up to Rolls Royce. Don’t forget to share our drawing lessons with your friends and subscribe to us via social media.

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