In the animated show The Simpsons, there are many odd yet extremely charming characters. One of the characters can be Otto Mann – a bus driver. Let’s begin the lesson on drawing Otto Mann from the Simpsons.

Step 1
Begin by sketching out the outline of the neck, head, and torso of the bus driver.

Step 2
Then, using simple lines draw the legs and arms that belong to Otto Mann.

Step 3
On the head, draw out the pupils, eyes, and wrinkles under the nose and the eyes.

Step 4
We now move a bit lower, and then draw out an open mouth with sticking teeth.

Step 5
It is a simple process in which we’ll have to draw an appropriate cap.

Step 6
This part is slightly more challenging – we’ll have the ability to create curly hair as well as headphones.

Step 7
Then we draw wires from the headphones as well as the sleeves of the shirt.

Step 8
Draw a single arm, torso, and a player who is hanging from the belt.

Step 9
Now let’s shift a little lower, and draw some of the shorters that our character has.

Step 10
The last step remains to be completed in which we’ll need to be able to draw our legs, as well as footwear.

In this easy tutorial, our artists showed them ways to draw Otto Mann from the Simpsons. Keep in mind that on our site you can find other people from Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, and the other animated shows that are popular.

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