The group of artists from enjoys comics and consequently, our section “Comics” on our website is among the largest. The category will be updated with a brand new drawing lesson on drawing Omega Red. Before starting this lesson would like to state that we think Omega Red is among the most terrifying foes of X-Men in general and Wolverine specifically.

Step 1
To create Omega Red smooth and symmetrical It is first necessary to sketch its skeleton. This will form the basis of the entire sketch. We’ll start with the head and sketch it as an oval. Then, we sketch the spine’s line which is where the pelvis and chest are situated. Utilizing basic lines we draw the outline of legs and arms.

Step 2
We can now add some volume to the Skeletal structure that is Omega Red. However, first, we have to draw two lines that intersect across the face, which will allow us to sketch the specifics on the head. We then sketch the outline of the broad torso. By using basic geometric shapes, we sketch the outline of the legs and arms.

Step 3
In the last step, we sketched out our character’s dummy. To create a more realistic appearance, similar to Omega Red, we will outline the most basic aspects. Start by drawing the head. We will sketch out the outline of the features of the hair and the face. Next, we’ll move on to the torso and sketch an outline for the dress. Draw tentacles, then move to the fourth step.

Step 4
This stage will be dedicated to drawing out the particulars that make up the heads from Omega Red. With clear and dark lines, draw gently eye, nose, and mouth. Then, draw the outline of the eyebrows and jaw. Then, using straight lines that are slightly curled and a slight curve, sketch the long hair that makes up Omega Red.


Step 5
Let’s get started on the details of the torso now. Utilizing dark and clear lines, sketch shoulder pads. Then draw the pectoral muscle’s wide, wide lines that are part of Omega Red. Next, draw the outline of the torso and abdominal muscles. Take out any unnecessary guidelines from the body of the comic book villain before moving on with the following step.

Step 6
Another step that is quite difficult in the lesson on Omega Red is when we need to draw the arms in more detail. Utilizing clear and dark lines we can draw out the huge muscles of the biceps, deltoids, and muscles of the forearm. At the same time make sure to sketch lines for the hands as well as the long tentacles that come from the hands.

Step 7
Now, it’s time to draw out the legs with a detailed drawing. As you can observe the legs are huge. Utilizing darker and slightly curly lines it is necessary to meticulously draw the contours of our legs. Draw the outline of all the knee ligaments and muscles. Then we’ll draw huge shoes made of Omega Red.

Step 8

Then we came to the final stage of drawing the lesson. We’ll show you drawing Omega Red. Begin by drawing lines along the tentacles. The next step is to draw shadows. For drawing shadows employ dense hatching, or create shadows like in the lesson on Batgirl and create huge and distinct regions of shadows.

As you will see, this lesson is not an easy one, however, we do hope that you’ve had no issues withdrawing. Remember you can find it in “Comics” there is a wide range of drawing classes covering a wide range of comic characters therefore, visit this section and learn how to draw along with us.

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