Olives are a wonderful supplement to a healthy diet, and are a good source of olive oil from natural sources.
The plant has been in use from the beginning of time and is a key ingredient in kitchens across many countries around the world. Let’s start our instruction on drawing olives.

Step 1
Draw out the olive branch using the aid of a lengthy and slightly curving line. Then, draw a line around the position of the olives by using the aid of ovals.

Step 2
We need to include olive leaves with very thin lines. The leaves should be quite short, wide, and uneven.

Step 3
Let’s draw darker lines. Take care to draw the outlines of leaves and olives. Then, you can enlarge the branch by adding additional lines.

Step 4
Let’s create our olive-shaped drawing more vivid. Include shadows, taking into consideration the angle of incidence of light like in the illustration below.

As you’ve realized, it’s easy to master drawing olives. Here, we draw olives on a branch but if you’d like to try a different method of drawing olives, tell us about it.

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