Hello, dear artists! Today, we’re presenting you with an instructional drawing lesson on drawing Logan. A few years ago, was released an amazing film titled “Logan” and was based on the comic “Old man Logan”.

Step 1
In our illustration, Wolverine is seen standing with his arms crossed. And the first thing we do is will draw his Skeleton. Draw your arms and legs using simple lines.

Step 2
Draw lines across the face. Sketch out the different parts of the body using simple geometric shapes like in our illustration. The basic rules of drawing a male we taught you in the course on drawing an individual man for beginners.

Step 3
Let’s start adding details. Draw frowning eyebrows on the eyes and make some wrinkles. The vertical lines, draw an eye with wrinkles and an uncurled mouth below the nose.

Step 4
Keep drawing on the head of Logan. Draw the hairline and the characteristic side whiskers. Along the edges of the head create the ears. After the process, add wrinkles.

Step 5
We then go to the bottom and begin drawing hands. Wolverine hands are locked into fists. In the near future, we’ll be able to use claws to clench our fists.

Step 6
With the aid of Straight and somewhat diverging lines, we create wolverine claws which are situated between his knuckles and fists.

Step 7
Make sure you draw a wolverine-style jacket that has an animal collar. Make folds on the sides of the armpits and elbows. Add a few folds around the upper torso.

Step 8
Draw an outline of jeans from Logan which fit his legs. Add pockets, stitch lines, and folds, as we did in our illustration.

This is the instruction on drawing the Old Man Logan completed.

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