How to Draw Olaf

Today, we will teach you to draw Olaf. Olaf is a character in the film “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”. This is a simple drawing class in the style of cartoons.


Step 1

We prefer using stickmen when drawing complicated characters. If we are drawing a normal cartoon figure We draw it instantly with the head to the toe. In this lesson, we’ll draw two eyes that are round and a beak with the form of a raindrop.




Step 2

Let’s sketch his head’s outline. It resembles the shape of a normal vase. vase. Remember that the shape of the head needs to be placed a little in the diagonal direction.




Step 3

This is the next step in our tutorial on drawing Olaf in “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”. We will draw 3 branches onto the face of Olaf. Then we’ll draw eyebrows.




Step 4

If we’ve done it right in the two previous steps, there should be a vast blank space beneath face features. This step is to draw a mouth that is large and smiling which fills the entire space.




Step 5

Draw the body. In reality, it’s simply the body of a normal snowman. There is only a tiny detail – you can find not perfect circles but rather melted snow heaps.




Step 6

In this phase, it is possible to see only the rounded shapes, with uneven contours that are rounded. In reality, if you draw cartoon characters, it is important to duplicate all the details in the most exact way possible even though it appears to be a simple job.




Step 7

Include a few arms. You will not find joints here. muscles are simply two twigs that grow in various directions.




Step 8

As with all steps, you will review these steps. They were designed to allow you to verify your mistakes and mistakes. If you didn’t find any errors, then you can remove the lines that aren’t needed and move on to the next step.




Step 9

Try to find the tiniest shade of blue available. If you can find a shade that is like ours then you are able to apply this. If you didn’t discover a shade like this and you are not able to find one, it is best to keep our character unpainted and only work with shadows.




It was not that difficult to do, wasn’t it? We wish you the best outcome. Don’t forget to leave remarks about your achievements as it will help us to improve our work.

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