How to Draw Olaf Simple

How to Draw Olaf Simple

Step one:

Begin sketching an oval for the head guideline and then sketch the guidelines for the face.

Step two:

Then, you draw the actual or design of Olaf’s face and head. It looks a lot like an acorn, or a rounded bow head.

Step three:

Then, follow the guideline for the facial to create the carrot’s nose. It is an easy shape with grooved lines. After that, finish the drawing by drawing your eyebrows.

Step four:

Then, we’ll draw Olaf’s eyes , and observe the way they appear in relation on the nasal area. This is the angle the face is placed in which makes the eyes appear to be that way. The pupils are colored before drawing sprigs hair over the top of his head.

Step five:

Finally, top Olaf off with drawing his huge, smiling, friendly smile. Make sure to remember the front teeth as well. Remove the mistakes if you’ve made any, and then you can use the guides.

Step six:

Now is the time for coloring Olaf in. I hope you enjoyed yourself making Olaf simple. I’m sure I had a blast working with you everyone. Make sure to be sure to share, comment, and enjoy this lesson.

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