How to Draw Olaf from Frozen

You could use the step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1

Let’s have fun drawing Olaf. Begin by drawing an oblong round shape to draw his head. Then draw a different design that outlines his figure. Include facial features.

Step 2

In this step, you’ll define the head’s shape as such, and then complete step 3.

Step 3.

With the face guides, you’ll now draw the nose and eyes. The nose of Olaf is shaped like a carrot, but it doesn’t like it’s viewing Olaf from the front.

Step 4

Make the eyebrows color and draw. Then, draw the other eyes. You are then able to draw lines to this nose in order to make the grooved details to the carrot.

Step 5

Are you prepared to paint your smile? Simply draw your mouth and include that big front tooth. Draw a liner on the lip’s bottom and then add creases to the mouth’s corners.

Step 6

Utilize this body drawing a guide to create the remainder of Olaf’s snowman’s physique. It is a straightforward job that doesn’t take any time at all.

Step 7

Make three buttons in a circle, and then move to step 8.

Step 8

For the final stage, you have to draw the hands, paws, and twigs and then add a few small branches for the three hair strands on the head of the animal. Eliminate any mistakes, and you’re finished.

Step 9

Here’s a picture of Olaf in Disney’s Frozen. My sister loved the film and also suggested that I could make a sequel to Olaf and I did. If she’s pleased with the new version I’m sure you are too.

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