We all know about Asterix and Obelix two Gallic warriors and vibrant characters from films, comics, and cartoons. In the past tutorials, we demonstrated ways to draw Asterix and, in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw Obelix.

Step 1
As in the lesson on Asterix, We begin with the simplest contours. The first step is to sketch our head using the shape of an oval that is a half-circle. Then, we outline the body in the shape that is two circles. This step is completed by drawing the legs and arms. Lines must be drawn using thin lines.

Step 2
Let’s now sketch out the fundamental elements in Obelix. Let us now outline the most basic details of the Obelix drawing. Start by drawing the head. drawing eyes, nose, and mustache. Then we outline the hair and helmet. Following that, we step down a bit and then carefully sketch the outline of the belt. Similar to the first step, we’ll use extremely light lines.

Step 3
It’s an easy part of the instruction on drawing Obelix and in which we sketch the face in great detail. With the aid of sharp lines, draw the outline of eyes with small pupils. Next, draw a wide and round mouth, cheeks, and nose.

Step 4
Continue to draw the skull of Obelix. In this step, we must take care when drawing the contours for the head. In the same way, we draw the lines of hair as well as the size of the ears. Get rid of any unnecessary guidelines and move to the next step in the tutorial on Obelix.

Step 5
Now let’s work on the upper part of Obelix. Following along the line of the neck carefully sketch the outline of the shoulders that seamlessly pass through those arms that are behind. Then, draw carefully the outline of the pectoral muscle in the Gaul and then remove any unnecessary guidelines from the body.

Step 6
Then draw the outline of a distinctive belt. Then, sketch your outline of the back as well as the legs. The Obelix is noted to have the most massive belly as well as slim legs. At the same time, you draw the lines longitudinal on the pants and then clear the sketch of any useless guidelines.

Step 7
The final and very simple process is very easy. In this case, we simply have to draw the bows onto the hair and apply small areas of shadows using dense hatching.

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