Hello! Today we’ll show you how to draw North Star by Marvel.

Step 1
We will first sketch a picture made up of circles and sticks. The character’s position is ideal for drawing. You can follow the typical rules to draw the male figure. You are able to read these guidelines within the sketching instruction (step one).

Step 2
In this section, we sketch out the lines on the face. Then, we’ll draw out our necks in the shape of cylindrical. Draw the neck, which reduces from the chest down towards the pelvis. Then, add volume to the legs and arms using simple figures that are cylindrical.

Step 3
We will outline our hairstyle’s contours. In this step, we’ll draw facial highlights using small strokes.

Step 4
In this stage, we’ll remove any guidelines that are not needed off the face. Then, we’ll sketch the facial highlights in full.

Step 5
The next step is to sketch out the outline of the pectoral muscles. Additionally, in the same process, we trace the final lines of our hands.

Step 6
It’s a simple process. This is where we can eliminate unnecessary guides that are situated within the region between the pelvis and the legs.

Step 7
And, in the last step, we’ll draw patterns onto that uniform of the North Star.

The story was actually a sketch exercise of the less well-known persona from Marvel comics. However, there are many intriguing stories in which he had the role of a major character. We hope you enjoyed this drawing course. Goodbye!

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