Hello! Today we’ll tell you about the drawing of Nite Owl, one of the principal characters of the comic”Watchmen” book “Watchmen”.

Step 1
The first step is drawing the character of a stickman. The features that make up the character in this tutorial drawing. These features include:

This stickman is not neckless;
The chest’s chest has a slight bent. This is evident in contrast to straight back.
The stickman is a lively pose. It is evident through the feet and hands.

Step 2
The second step in the drawing lesson is the illustration of the figures. We will also add “meat” to “the “bones”. Begin by drawing the lines of facial symmetry. Vertical lines divide the face into two pieces and help us find the central point on the face. The horizontal line separates the face and its parts, which helps us draw eyes.

Then sketch out the different parts of your body. Drawing a cylindrical shape, sketch the legs, body, and arms. Draw out knees and shoulders, in this stage, it looks like circles. Importantly, are not required to push down on the pencil too hard at this moment.

Step 3
In this step, we’ll draw the nose and the month. Also, don’t forget to draw a glass that looks like two circles within an infinity sign.

Step 4
In order to complete the drawing of the neck and head, it is necessary to be able to trace the head’s top as well as the collar.

Step 5
Now, let’s draw a cloak that will cover Nite Owl’s shoulders and chest. Of course, it is essential to draw clenched hands. Learn the art of drawing your fists as well as hands in this instructional video.

Step 6
Then it’s time to draw your body and the belt. In the direction of your trunk draw your muscles in the press as well as the ribs’ contours.

Step 7
In this section, we’ll draw the pelvis and legs in more detail.

Step 8
In the final step, we’ll draw shadows. The majority of the shadows can be seen on the bottom of the mantle. You can draw it like this by hatching it with a simple stroke.

We hope you will enjoy this drawing lesson. Don’t forget to let us know about your drawing in the comments. Goodbye!

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