How To Draw Ninjago Step by Step

The basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

How to draw A anime Bunny Step by Step

Step 1

As you’ve probably guessed that you can draw a Lego person. Begin with the head shape and trace the person’s body. Create a face guide and continue to draw.

Step 2

Draw the form of the head or the head that is masked. This includes the notches that are on the sides of the face.

Step 3

Then create the opening on the mask, which is completely covered Then draw the eyebrows and eyes using tiny beads.

Step 4

Then draw the whole upper body using plenty of blocks. This must include both arms, but not hands.

Step 5

The only thing you need to do is take out the clutch that resembles a hand and then retract the handle of the sword. Include some additional particulars about the handguard and other details.

Step 6

Then, draw your right hand, then go on to step seven.

Step 7

You can clearly see that you’ll sketch out the gi the character wears. It’s easy to draw since all you need to do is make the strip appear like the lines that run across the body’s front as you would like, and then draw what appears to be an open flame. torch.

Step 8

You can add some details to the band, such as stripes or lines, and then draw a face across the flame.

Step 9

The only thing you have to do to draw this block is belts, which are meant to be the belt. Then, add the detail lines and proceed to step 10.

Step 10

Clean the drawing, and then draw the legs stretched or stretched and add details to the feet and pants.

Step 11

Here’s the final illustration of a character from Ninjago. In this drawing, color it in and you’re finished by following this Ninjago drawing lesson.

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