How to draw Nine Tailed Fox Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to draw A Dog Bone Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by drawing the eyes and ears of the fox. You can wrap the inner ear’s shaded shape with a pair of curve lines and create patches around the eyes by stretching them.

Allow lines to intersect at their ends. The lobe shapes should be shaded, so that the whites of your eyes are not affected. Draw lines from the top to the tips of the ears. Next, draw short lines to detail the crown of your head and furrowed eyebrows.

Step 2

To wrap the fur around the cheeks of the fox, create a series curved and short lines. These lines should be connected with a curve, drawing the muzzle. Draw the neck over the ears using curved lines and trace the mouth opening.

To indicate the teeth, draw triangles in your mouth. The nose, which is irregularly shaped, should be shaded above the mouth. Finish by drawing a few lines around the nose’s tip and base.

Step 3

Draw the biceps forearm. To create the upper and the lower parts of your limb, use overlapping curves. Next, trace each nail with curved lines.

Step 4

Draw the front leg. To create muscular limbs, you can use overlapping curves again. Draw the claws by using two curves that intersect at sharp points.

Step 5

To outline your back, shoulders and abs, draw curved lines. Draw the claws by drawing pairs of curves that meet at sharp ends.

Step 6

Begin drawing the long tails of the fox. To draw the three first tails, use pairs of curves that meet at points.

Step 7

Three more tails can be drawn, this time using long curve lines that intersect at points. Notice how some tails overlap.

Step 8

The remaining three tails can be drawn again with long, curved lines that intersect at points. You can delete the tails if they overlap.

Step 9

You can add texture to fur by drawing multiple curves along the length of your tail and hind legs.

Step 10

Your cartoon fox can be colored. Our example has been shaded with a foxy orange color. Pokemon Ninetails is white, just like the arctic Fox.


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