Hello dear artists. We have previously drawn Tommy Vercetti (GTA Vice City) and Carl Johnson (GTA San Andreas). Today’s lesson will show you how to draw the main character in GTA 4. Let’s now move on to the lesson on how to draw Niko Bellic.

Step 1
Drawing lessons about people are learned from the skeleton. The head is drawn in an oval shape. Next, draw the spine, chest, and pelvis. Use simple lines to draw the legs and arms. We draw the arms and legs first using very simple lines.

Step 2
Now we have Niko Bellic’s skeleton. In this step, we will add some “flesh” to it. Next, draw the neck and torso. The waist is slightly smaller. Next, draw simple geometric figures to trace the limbs using the guidelines in the first step.

Step 3
Our character so far is similar to a dummy. In this step, we will add details to make it more Niko Bellic-like. With simple lines, sketch out the hair and facial features of our character. Draw the jacket and pants of our character. It will make it easier for him to do slav squat in this clothing.


Step 4
Let’s draw Niko, our dark and gloomy face. Draw the outline of the head and the hair. Next, draw the eyes, large ears, and big nose. Finish the step by drawing the mouth and adding bristle.

Step 5
Although this step may seem difficult, it is actually not. After removing all unnecessary lines from the previous steps, carefully trace the contours of Niko’s multilayered clothing. We can see a jacket on Niko, which is under which we have a track jacket as well as a turtleneck.

Step 6
The same algorithm was used to draw Niko Bellic’s sports pants. As in the example, add all folds. Only draw the boots. (Learn more in the lesson How to Draw Boots).

Now, you can see characters from GTA Vice City and San Andreas on our website. We would love to have other characters on our site. We will draw your ideas in the comments section of this article.

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