Comics based on Batman are among the oldest and most well-known on Earth. In the previous lesson, we taught you that you could draw Batman, Robin, and Catwoman, and this time we’ll demonstrate what it takes to draw Nightwing.

Step 1
The first thing we will do is look at the structure of Nightwing which is located in a unique place. In the beginning, we sketch out an oval to represent the head, and an easy trace for the spine, and then sketch out the outline of the pelvis and chest. By drawing simple lines, we sketch out the legs and arms of the superhero. Then, we move on to the next step.

Step 2
It is easy to draw two lines on the face which will allow us to sketch the specifics on the face like the eyes, mouth, and nose. We then sketch out the outline of the body (from this angle, the neck isn’t apparent) the arms, and legs by using simple geometric shapes.

Step 3
The first thing to do is sketch out the head where we draw a mask with a mouth, nose, and nose. Draw out the hairstyles and ears. Then, head to the torso, drawing an outline of your Nightwing costume. In the same way, we’ll draw two sticks on the arms of our hero.

Step 4
This stage will be dedicated in the sense that we’ll sketch the specifics for the skull of Nightwing.Draw the eyes and outline the mask surrounding the eyes. Then sketch the mouth and nose. Next, draw the outline of the ears, jaws, and hair. Don’t forget to take out unneeded lines from the hair.

Step 5
The next step is to sketch out your Nightwing body. The first step is to sketch the outline of the pectoral and trapezoids. Then, draw the wide pectoral muscles that make up the superhero. Then, sketch an outline for the body, and draw the abdominal muscles. Take out any unnecessary guidelines, and draw the V-lines along the chest.

Step 6
It’s time to draw our heroes’ arms. In this case, following the trapezoid lines, we are drawing muscles of the deltoids and triceps the biceps, and the forearm muscles. We will also draw fists using the sticks held in place. Also, do remember to mark the outline of the costumes on the arms.

Step 7
As we did in the earlier steps, we drew the upper portion of the Nightwing body in great detail Then, in this step, we’ll focus on the lower portion that makes up the human body. In continuation with the horizontal lines drawn by the body, we will draw the outline of our hero’s muscles’ legs. At the same time trace muscle lines as well as knee joints.

Step 8
The final step of the course is drawing Nightwing which will be devoted to shadows. First, apply the paint to the mask. After that, you can paint the hair over it, like in the example. After that, let’s paint some shadows with thick hatching.

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