In one of our previous drawing classes, we taught students the art of drawing Otto Mann – the bus driver from the Simpsons, one of the most unusual characters. We will also present another unusual and humorous Simpsons character. Simpsons. So, let’s start the tutorial on drawing Nick Riviera.

Step 1 Draw the head in the shape of a circle, with a neck in the shape of a cylinder, and a torso that is in the shape of an oval.

Step 2 Then we sketch out the legs and arms of our bizarre doctor. using simple geometric shapes.

Step 3 With the help of two circles, Draw the eyes and the pupils within the eyes. Draw the nose, then move on to the step.

Step 4 Then we go a bit higher and draw a forehead and hair like that of our doctor.

Step 5 We will lower ourselves and slowly draw out an ear and a mustache.

Step 6 We can go further down and gently pull out the neck and beard of the doctor.

Step 7 Then, let’s focus on the clothes and draw the outline of the tie and collar.

Step 8 We must draw the contours of the coat of the lab.

Step 9 Then let’s go towards the arms, and then draw sleeves as well as hands.

Step 10 This is the final step in which we’ll have to draw the outline of shoes and pants.

This was instruction in drawing doctor Nick Riviera from the Simpsons. Na pozdnikh shagakh ne zabyvaite steret’ vse nenuzhnye linii iz pervykh shagov. Do not forget to go to other lessons on the Simpsons characters on our website and join our social media channels.

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