Hello, everybody! We have created the latest drawing lesson about drawing cartoon characters. In this lesson, we will teach the students the drawing process of Nick Fury. Nick Fury – is a character from Marvel Comics. The character was developed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first was introduced in the comic Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos # 1 in 1963.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch the skeleton of Nick Fury. By drawing an oval, we can trace the skull. With smooth and light lines, draw the spine legs, and arms. Be aware the length of a man is equivalent to seven head-to-toe heights of humans.

How to draw classic nick fury step by step

Step 2
In this stage, we begin creating volume for the physique of Nick Fury. However, first, using curves, draw lines of the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then draw the hairline. With a cylinder, sketch the neck. Draw the outline of the body. By drawing circles, draw elbows and shoulders. Draw the arms with Cylinders.

nick fury comics

Step 3
Let’s increase the volume of the lower half which is Nick Fury. Draw the pelvic triangular, like in the image below. With cylinders, make the legs. Draw the knees using circles. Sketch out your feet like in the illustration below.

Step 4
By drawing the lines of the eyes to sketch the eye. Make a bandage that is put over the eye on the left. By drawing a curving line, draw the brow in front of the eye. By using the lines of facial symmetry, draw the mouth and nose. Make wrinkles like in our illustration. Draw the outline of the hairstyle.

Step 5
Start drawing downwards and then the body. Begin by drawing the neck. The lines from the suit should be drawn onto the neck. Draw the arms following the guidelines of the earlier steps. Include your muscles’ lines as well as those of the suits like in our illustration. Create using the firearms in our example and then proceed into the following step.

Step 6
Continue drawing the torso and left hand from Nick Fury. For more information about the hands, check out our drawing tutorial on drawing hands. Draw the holster, as well as the straps around the torso and the hands of Nick Fury.

Step 7
Let’s draw the legs of Nick Fury. Like most superheroes of the 1960s, Nick Fury wears a slim-fitting outfit, and the muscles of his legs are evident clearly. Draw the muscles of your legs in the illustration.

Step 8
This is the time to include shadows in Nick Fury. Begin by drawing an outline of shadows and then draw them out. It’s typical comic book shadows, like in sketching lessons for Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Thor. To add shadows that are loose, you can use hatching.

It was a drawing lesson on drawing Nick Fury by We hope that this lesson was enjoyable and informative for you. Create Nick Fury from different angles and with different postures to increase your drawing abilities.

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