How To Draw Nfl Logo Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Superman Heart

Begin by establishing a few guidelines to make the cross.

Step 2

With the two paths that you sketched during step 1, draw the outline of a shield.

Step 3

Draw the shape if the half of your shield less than the shield that you designed in the second step.

Step 4

Inside the box you designed, draw the letter “N F L” in the middle. Take note of how the letters’ edges slide or flow into the form of the shield.

Step 5

Draw 12 stars beginning from the left of the NFL logo. Move to the sixth step. It is recommended to take the time to draw the stars, as drawing each star can be an exhausting task.

Step 6

Draw eleven more , starting on the left side, ensure that the hole at the center is the shape of a small soccer ball.

Step 7

Finally Draw the soccer ball into the middle of your logo. Be sure to draw the lanyard in the same way as you can see it here. Cleanse the drawing in preparation for it to color.

Step 8

The guys are done. This is because. You can colour your NFL logo using only two colors, red and blue.

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