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How To Draw Neytiri Easy

How To Draw Neytiri Easy

Step 1:

Then, let’s sketch the rules for Neytiri .

Step 2:

Draw her face shape and her ear.

Step 3:

We can then draw the hairline, as well as the first phases of hair growth.

Step 4:

Then, focus with her features on the face. which are the first stages of the process.

Step 5:

Then, you can fill with the other facial features.

Step 6:

Then, work on the feathers that are behind her ears.

Step 7:

Draw the remainder of her hair, which lie beneath her.

Step 8:

Finally, draw her marks!

Step 9:

If you follow the steps you’ll get this simple illustration of Neytiri! Nice work, guys!

Step 10:

Also, for the head, draw the outline for an angled view from the front of Neytiri. Also, add the facial guidelines and guidelines for the ears too.

Step 11:

Then, draw the outline of her face, as well as the shape of her ears.

Step 12:

Then draw the hairline which crowns her face. From there, you’ll draw the long, thick hair strands that look a lot like Dreadlocks.

Strep 13:

Then, draw her face, starting with her eyes. Next, draw the nose in and lips. Make earring holes in the earlobes and then draw the lines in her eyes. Remove the mistakes and guides.

Step 14:

That’s it. It’s done. Neytiri from Avatar simple. I hope you enjoyed it. ensure you share.

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