In this drawing class, we’ll teach you how to draw the most well-known school bully. Let’s begin the lesson on drawing Nelson of The Simpsons.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch the head in the shape of a circle, and the torso that is in the shape of an oval.

Step 2
Then, we sketch out the legs and arms as simple geometric shapes.

Step 3
Then draw the eyes, brows, and nose.

Step 4
Make a mouth by making eyes and teeth in the shape made of dots in black.

Step 5
Then we move over to the top and draw hair and ears.

Step 6
Let’s go a bit lower and draw the outline of the vest and the torso.

Step 7
Then draw short sleeves, arms, and an edge on the bottom of your vest using the help of a zigzag line.

Step 8
Lower your body a bit and pull the shorts out as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 9
The final step in which we have to remove the shoes and legs.

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