The 3dvkarts team decided to draw not the most well-known yet, but the most typical character from Family Guy. We’ll begin with the discussion about drawing Neil Goldman.

Step 1
In the beginning, sketch out rectangular glasses with a thick frame and the face of our persona.

Step 2
Then draw a forehead, curly head, and a head that is bald. Draw an ear, then move to step three.

Step 3
Then draw a mouth with teeth that protrude, with rounded edges. Just below, draw the chin in a tiny area.

Step 4
Now, draw out the round cheeks and slim neckline from Neil Goldman.

Step 5
We lower our stance and trace the collar’s outline, tie, and the neckline of the sweater.

Step 6
In this step, there will be many lines to draw – we will draw hand-drawn lines, the outline of the torso, as well as all lines from the upper garment.

Step 7
Make sure you draw the outlines of the lower portion of the legs and the torso using just a couple of lines.

Step 8
In the final and most likely the easiest section of this tutorial in this tutorial, we will draw shoes.

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