In today’s drawing class We’ll show how to draw the art of drawing Ned Flanders – one of the most popular characters from the animated television show The Simpsons. Ned and his family reside close to the Simpson family. A pious Christian, Ned is one of the foundations of morality in Springfield.

Step 1
With the aid of two circles, draw the stomach and head of Ned Flanders. Connect them using the help of two trapezoid shapes.

Step 2
Simple and light lines, draw the legs and arms like the example below.

Step 3
Let’s sketch out the last particulars. Draw out the round eyes, nose, and pupils using dots.

Step 4
Here we draw our foreheads, the hair, and the ears of Flanders. Also, draw out your glasses’ temples.

Step 5
An easy step, in this case, we have to sketch out the outline of the mustache, as well as hair lines within the contour.

Step 6
This is where we conclude Flanders’s head, drawing his mouth and the tongue inside the mouth, and the neck’s outline.

Step 7
Make the collar as well as an outline of the body. Like other Simpson characters, Flanders is for some reason very abdominally.

Step 8
With the aid of smooth lines, gently draw your arms out and then extend them in a welcoming palm.

Step 9
The final step in the course is to learn to draw Ned Flanders. We draw the legs using only basic lines, and then the shoes.

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