Have a nice day, dear readers. In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach you how to draw Nebula step-by-step. Nebula is the name of the character that is part of the Marvel Universe. It is possible to see Nebula in the opening scene of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Step 1
We’ll begin this drawing class by drawing a stickman. Sorry, stick women. Therefore, we sketch the heads of our Nebula as an oval spine, thorax, pelvis, and limbs. In this stage, we’ll use only translucent and light lines. Make sure to check out the illustration guide (step 1) on drawing female figures.

Step 2
This is identical to other drawing tutorials for females Draw the figure in the direction of the head to the feet, however, in the first one, we’ll draw on the head. Draw two lines crossing inside the contours of the face. The vertical lines will show facial symmetry. The horizontal line is used to create the look of the eyes.

Following that, you must make a drawing of the human body. It’s like drawing an hourglass. Draw the arms in outline with smooth and thin cylindrical shapes. Be aware that the arms should not be huge and inflated (we draw girls rather than The Hulk). Draw out the elbows, shoulders, and hands.

Step 3
It’s the moment to incorporate the simplest aspects into the sketch. This will be done starting from the head and ending with the legs. In this stage, we draw out the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, head to the corpus, and draw the outline of the costume as you see in our photo.

Step 4
In this phase, we draw the specifics of the eyes, eyebrows mouth, and nose. It is possible to see an outline that’s like the angle on the left side of the eye. Be sure that you draw the pattern. Following these steps, you can remove all lines in the head.

Step 5
We are now drawing Nebula’s outfit. In this stage, we’ll draw clothes that sit in front of your body as well as at the top of the neck. We will also draw breasts, collarbones, and stomachs.

Step 6
Then let’s look at the arms. Take care to draw out the left shoulder as you’re probably aware, it’s a cyborg’s arms that are not human’s. It appears as if an average arm armor. It is important to note that this arm doesn’t look massive and powerful.

Step 7
By using smooth lines here, We carefully sketch out the femurs. They then slide through the legs. Draw high boots with all of the details as illustrated in our example. In order to finish this process take out any unneeded instructions from the sketch.

Step 8
The time has come for us to sketch the shadows. We’ll draw the shadows in the style of classic shadows drawn in the comic style. The shadows in this style look like black or contrasting areas. To create shadows that are lighter, you can use traditional hatching.

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